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TheGigRig was formed in 2003 when Daniel Steinhardt approached his friend Dave Mapleston with an idea that Daniel just couldn't leave alone. Daniel had been working on this idea for a number of years already when he met Dave and realized that Dave might have the expertise to help move the project forward. That idea would be realized with the launch of the now industry standard Pro14 pedalboard switching system. 

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Daniel Steinhardt - (Head Honcho) Managing Director
If you've got this far in researching TheGigRig no doubt you've already been introduced to Daniel. His innovative product designs are hailed by many world class musicians to be absolutely essential to their rigs.

Dave Mapleston - (Header Honchoer) Technical Director
Dave's designs have earned him a Queens award for innovation and many other accolades in the industry. Dave is the guy who turns Dan's crazy ideas into reality. Dave's mantra - 'The laws of physics cannot be broken, but they can be bent.' 

Martine Steinhardt - Sales Manager
Martine looks after the orders from all our wonderful customers. If you have a question about your order, Martine is the person to contact. 

Laura "Hawkeyes" Fay - Office/Production Manager
Laura is the office overlord. We all submit to her mysterious mind control powers when she decrees that there is stuff to do. 

Julia Tucknott - Accounts Manager - Master of Coin
Julia looks after all the accounts, so if you owe us money, beware her wrath. 

Joe Bishop - Tech Guru - Master of the Power Path Diagram and keeper of the strong name board

Joe is our technical guru, so if you have any technical questions - Joe is here to help anyway he can.

Jake Willcock - Pedalboard Builder and Production Assistant
Jake will bring your dream board to life - Master builder of all The GigRig wonders 

The Beginning
Daniel Steinhardt has been a professional musician since the age of 16 and had embraced technology as part of the solution to finding his sound. 

"But the more I moved towards technology, the further I moved away from the organic tone I love. I had my first rack system at the age of 17, a Roland GP8. I could choose the effects I needed for that sound and store it in one convenient location so all I had to do was press one button and the combination of effects I wanted was there at the touch of a footswitch. I was playing and touring for a living at an early age and the convenience of a one-step no tap dance solution was something I couldn't give up. The only issue is that my tone resembled an angry wasp stuck in an empty jam jar. I had great guitars, great amps, surely it couldn't be my effects, I mean, they're state of the art right? So sonically they simply MUST be the best, I mean who would release something that was sonically a step backwards? I tried so very hard to make it work, but was always envious of guys who had truly great tone. I had an amazing experience when I saw a guitarist at the Gold Coast who had the most basic of set ups, a couple of old pedals, a Fender Twin and a Strat. If God had a tone, then this was it. So pure and beautiful. So I started playing with effects pedals. Here was the pallet of sounds I'd been after for so long.
So I got heavily into pedals, old ones, new ones, anything that sounded incredible. Brand, price, appearance, technology, none of these things meant anything to me anymore, the only criteria I had was that when I turned it on, it had to sound freakin incredible. But even after all this, I just couldn't get past the idea that I wanted to press one button and have everything work for me. Plus I noticed other problems. Chaining these effects together stopped my tone from sounding incredible, it reduced the top end and gave the overall tone a muddy effect. 
There was nothing available that could solve this for me. I searched and searched and unless I had £50K to spend on a custom built Cornish or Bradshaw rig, I was out of luck. I was working with a producer in Sydney, a guy named Paul DeComo, who introduced me to many of the pedals I still use today. I was lamenting the fact that there was no product that would allow me to switch my pedals and solve all the tonal issues I was having. He just says, 'well make it yourself'. So that was the start. I started studying electronics, everything I could get my hands on and a vision started to form. By the time I met Dave that vision was so clear, Dave helped me fill in all the blanks, and there were a lot of blanks, then in 2003, the Pro14 was born."

10 years later the Pro14 is still an industry standard product. As testament to its effectiveness and innovative design it has sparked a host of copycat pedalboard switching systems, but they can all be traced back to the original Pro14. The patent is owned by TheGigRig.
Now with the release of the incredible G2, TheGigRig family of products are firmly established as THE most innovative and sought after pedalboard switching solutions on the planet.

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